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Made in the USA from recycled material.  US Patent #D533689S

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the waste stick to the inside of the Doody Digger tube?
The Doody Digger has a non-stick surface. Additionally, to avoid this problem, it is important to raise the Doody Digger vertically, so the waste drops straight down. If you let it slide down the tube by not fully raising it, loose stool may stick.

I am having trouble getting the waste onto the shovel. What should I do?
The patented design of the shovel end is like a pointed spoon. In grass, position the shovel between the grass and the waste and slide underneath. It is easiest to use the side as opposed to the point to do this. On smooth surfaces, also use the side of the shovel end and with a quick movement to the side you can catch the waste too. It may take a little practice for that trick.

Does the Doody Digger work on any surface?
Yes, but it works best on grass and was especially designed to prevent grass damage.

Can you get all the waste with the Doody Digger?
The pointed tip allows you to dig out the smallest of pieces. That's the beauty of the Doody Digger, you can easily get ALL of the waste, not just most of it.

What about loose stools?
Depending upon how loose it is, you may not want to use the tube to dispose of the waste. If it's not too loose, remember to hold the Doody Digger vertically to avoid waste in the tube. The large handle allows you to use both hands to scrape up the loose stool like a traditional shovel and then scoop it directly into a waste bag.

What is the best way to clean the Doody Digger?
If you need to clean it, it is best to wait until the waste has dried in the tube and just bang it against something hard and the waste will flake off. You can also use a hose to rinse it out. The Doody Digger is made from high density polyethylene, which has a naturally slippery surface that makes cleaning simple.

Why does my bag keep ripping at the end of the Doody Digger?
Sometimes the top of the Doody Digger tube may be rough. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges to fix this problem.

Do I need to replace the bag after every use?
No, you can stand the Doody Digger up when not in use and the weight of the waste will virtually seal the bag closed containing the smell. Dispose of the bag when it's too heavy.

Does it get too heavy when the bag is filled?
Empty and replace the bag when it's is too heavy.

What bags can I use with the Doody Digger?
We sell bags designed to be used with the Doody Digger. You may also use other pet waste bags or reuse grocery store plastic bags.

Can the tube clog if I scoop too much waste at one time?
If you get too much on the shovel, it MAY not funnel down into the tube. If it's dry, it usually breaks apart and goes into the tube fine. You cannot block or clog the tube. If it makes into the 3" tube, it's going down!

Is there a phone number I can call for more assistance?
Yes, if you have any other questions or concerns, please call Keith Borngesser, the Doody Digger inventor, at 262-391-9450.


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